What to do the next day

If you’ve spent any time looking for sex on Local Pussy then you’ve probably found it by now. That means that you know that you can get laid, but you probably still need some help. It’s not easy to know how to go about it all when it’s happening. You’re too wrapped up in getting laid that you don’t consider what’s going to come next. You have to know what to do when you wake up in the morning and see this girl when she’s not horny and trying to fuck your brains out and that can be tough.

Set yourself up to win

The very first thing you should do is just a little bit of planning while you’re getting into the action. You want to make absolutely sure that you don’t take anything out of your pants if you’re at her place. You want to keep all of your belongings in the same place. Keep your keys and wallet in your pants and shove your socks into your shoes. Then, when you wake up the next day, all you have to do is grab the pile and head out the door without waking her up.

Make her breakfast

Of course, you might end up back at your place. That’s a whole different scenario. You can’t just kick her out after you cum inside her. That would be rude. She’s most likely going to fall asleep in your bed and that’s perfectly fine. The one piece of advice you need is to make her breakfast in the morning. It’s best if you can actually cook her something. She’s going to be so impressed with you that you’ll no doubt be treated to a morning blowjob. Then you can lose her number as soon as she leaves.