How to hook up at home

If you’re in the hook up world then you know you need to have a few tricks to make it as good as it can be. You might already have a few of your own, but you can always use more of them. The very first thing you need is a good site where you can always find horny girls. One of the best around is Local Pussy and it’s always filled with local girls looking for some hard dick. All it takes is being close by and they’ll be ready to meet up and have a good time with you.

Have baby wipes in the bathroom

If you’re meeting up with your hook ups at a club or somewhere that you’ll be dancing or sweating then you need to keep some baby wipes in the bathroom. It’s the best way to show your hook up that you’re ready to take care of her needs. If she’s been sweating for a few hours then she’s going to want to clean herself up before she lets you anywhere near her pussy. Just let her go into the bathroom and she’ll see that you think of everything and she’ll be ready for action in a few minutes.

Pull out to be safe

Finally, you have to worry about where you shoot your load at the end. Your first impulse is always going to be just cumming inside her. That’s probably never going to be fine, but you never know. You don’t actually know your hook up at all and you don’t know if she’s good about taking the pill. Just pull out at the last second and shoot it on her stomach. It’s the best way to keep the both of you safe. After all, you’re probably both drinking and she might regret a creampie in the morning.